Monetize your blog with in-text ads

In-text ads represent one of the innumerable blog monetization forms that I recommend to beginner bloggers for their easy implementation. In the next few minutes I will explain you how they work and how to use them in your blog to maximize your income.

What are the in-text ads

After inserting a piece of javascript code to your blog, some words or phrases in your articles will appear with double underlining. When moving the mouse over them, an ad will be shown.

Infolinks - intext ad

3 advantages of in-text ads

I guess one of the first questions that will go through your mind will be why you should consider implementing these ads on your blog. Well, their main advantages are:

  • Thanks to its location directly in the article body, where most readers turn their attention, they usually generate more clicks. And as you are paid for each click, this type of advertising has the potential to be more profitable than banners or text ads.
  • You do not need an additional space dedicated to the ads.
  • This form of advertising is less intrusive than others.

How to show in-text ads on your blog

If I remember correctly, all the large ad networks that offer in-text ads have developed a WordPress plugin. Just install it and fill in a couple of fields in the settings.

If you want to show ads from an ad network that does not offer a plugin, you need to somehow insert your javascript code into your blog. You will find the code in the ad network control panel.

To insert it in your blog you have two options:

  • If your WordPress theme offers the possibility of inserting your own javascript code, you just have to copy and paste it.
  • If not, there are plugins that allow you to use your own javascript codes. Install one, copy the code and paste it into the plugin.

Maximizing your income

Some of the ad networks that offer this advertising format, such as Infolinks, allow you to change the look of your ads so that they are not underlined twice, but are dotted. You can also choose the color of the underline.

One of the possible strategies is to use the same underline color which have the links within your posts. Therefore they will not look like ads and will get more clicks.

I have seen some earnings reports published by other bloggers. According to them, they achieve an average CTR of up to 6% using this strategy.

Which ad networks offer in-text ads

The largest network is called Infolinks. They accept blogs with little traffic. So, if you have just started and you still do not have many visits, try them out.

Another alternative you can try is Clicksor. Or just search in Google and find other smaller companies.

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