review: Is it worth monetizing your blog with push subscriptions? review: Is it worth monetizing your blog with push subscriptions?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have already discovered a lot of ways how to monetize your website. But there is another one that we haven’t talked about yet – push subscriptions.

You may already know Propellerads, one of the most popular advertising networks. Recently, its creators launched a new service called which allows us to earn money by showing push notifications.

Wondering if it’s worth trying them or not? I have signed up and tried personally how this service works. In the following lines you will find my experience.

How does work?

Surely you’ve ever visited a page that asked you for permission to show notifications. Well, now you can register with, insert a code to your blog and give your visitors an opportunity to subscribe to notifications.

You don’t have to do anything else. As soon as a visitor of yours takes this action, will be in charge of showing him an advertising message from time to time.

And, above all, they will pay you.

How do I earn money with push subscriptions?

You can choose from two monetization models:

  • Cost per subscriber
  • Revenue share

If you choose the first way, you will receive a one-time payment whenever someone subscribes. The second option seems to be much more attractive. You will earn money every time a notification is shown to your subscribers. In other words, as the number of your subscribers grows, you will earn more. If you prefer relatively residual income, I recommend this monetization model.

Is it difficult to get accepted by this network?

If you have tried at least a couple of ad networks, you may have noticed that while some accept new bloggers without any problems, others have a fairly long list of requirements. Sometimes they accept you immediately, other times you have to wait several days.

In this sense my experience with was very good. The registration form requires only the necessary information.

After submitting the form I only had to go to my email and click on the confirmation link. Then I could access the control panel and start.

What should I do after the registration?

Your first step will be to visit the Sites section. Then click on the Add Source button. Now choose if you want to add your website or just a landing page. - create a website

If you choose the first option, there will appear a form where you need to fill in the URL of your domain. - create a website

In the case of the landing page the steps are very similar. The only difference is that you need to put the landing page URL in the form. - create a landing page

In the next step they will ask you to verify your website or landing page. There are two ways how you can do it:

  • Download a file and upload it to your server.
  • Copy a meta tag and insert it into the source code. - create a landing page

I chose the first method. The administrators approved my website in a few minutes. - create a landing

When they approve your blog, return to the Sites section. Click on its URL. Two buttons will appear:

  • Create Smart Tag
  • Create TrafficBack - create a smart tag

Smart tag serves to show the readers of your blog dialogues asking them to subscribe to the push notifications.

To create one you must click on the Create Smart Tag button and on the next screen choose its name. In this step they also let you decide if you prefer to receive payments for each subscriber or revenue share. - create a smart tag

The system will generate a code that you must insert in your blog and a file. Download the file and upload it to the root directory.

You will also be notified that your website has to use the HTTPS protocol. For this you need to install an SSL certificate. If you use to host your blog, simply install it for free from your control panel. - create a smart tag

TrafficBack offers you an additional possibility to increase your income. Depending on the user’s action you can redirect him to a page of your choice.

What are content lockers for?

Thanks to the content lockers your visitors will have to subscribe for the push notifications in order to see the whole content of your page.

They will see a part of your content blurred. As soon as they subscribe, they will be able to access the hidden content.

How to get the most out of this tool?

Use copywriting techniques to arouse curiosity. Make sure your readers really want to see the hidden content behind the locker.

But don’t make empty promises. Create quality content. For example, a video full of valuable tips or something useful to download.

Is it worth trying

I have joined them and it seems to be a very promising form of monetization.

One of their strong points is that you can monetize almost all types of traffic – visitors from any country, desktop and mobile users… In addition, you can combine it with other forms of monetization such as affiliate programs.

Anyway, I always recommend that you make your own opinion. All the information you may need and link to the subscription form you will find at

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