A/B testing – turn your disastrous blog into a successful one

A/B testing - turn your disastrous blog into a successful one

Do you know what is one of the things I like most about blogging? There is no such thing as a perfect blog. It does not matter if you have created it a couple of days ago or if you are already a professional blogger. There is always something to improve.

Improve these aspects of your blog to earn more money

There are aspects of your blog that directly influence your earnings. For example:

  • If more visitors subscribe to your newsletter, you will receive more traffic and you will earn more money. There are studies that prove that even a small improvement of the subscription form can significantly increase the percentage of users who register.
  • If you monetize your blog by showing pay-per-click ads (for example, AdSense), you can earn several times more if you put them in a place where they will call more attention and, therefore, receive more clicks.
  • When it comes to promoting your blog, an ad with a higher click through rate (CTR) means more traffic (= more money) for the same price. Your blog post titles or newsletter subjects have the potential to multiply the percentage of people who will visit your blog.
  • Design and location of the elements on your landing pages influence your conversions.

How to improve these aspects?

The answer is very simple: A/B tests. What do they consist on?

You need to create two versions of whatever you want to test. For example, let’s say you are going to promote your blog with text ads. So write two versions of the ad. But not completely different. In the second ad, change only one thing.

For example:

  • Version A: 7 reasons to create your blog on MarbleHost.com
  • Version B: 7 reasons to create your blog on MarbleHost.com. Click here to learn more.

After using both ads for some time, look at the statistics and you will see which of them has higher click rate.

Since there is only one difference between the two ads, we will know exactly what caused the difference between the results. In our example, we will find out if adding click here to learn more to the end of the ad increases the click through rate rate or not.

As the next step, I recommend you to use the winning version, create a new version B and perform another A/B test. This way you can keep improving the results (and increasing your income) as long as you want.

What exactly can you test?

Using the A/B tests you can refine any aspect of your blog or the strategies that influence your earnings. To give you a couple of concrete examples look at these ideas:

  • The most profitable place to put ads like AdSense.
  • Color of your subscription form buttons.
  • The size of these buttons.
  • Calls to action (for example: you want the user to visit another page of your blog, leave a comment or subscribe to your newsletter).
  • Subjects of your newsletters (which are the ones with the highest open rate).
  • Graphic elements of your banners.

One of the ways to increase the click through rate of your ads is to use copywriting tactics and perform an A/B test.

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