Bitcoin: An opportunity to earn money with your blog

Bitcoin: An opportunity to earn money with your blog

Bitcoin goes up? Bitcoin goes down? It does not matter. In both cases you will make money. I will show you a 100% free strategy to increase your blog traffic thanks to cryptocurrencies and turn it into money.

What will you need to employ this strategy?

What is the difference between these advertising networks and traditional ones? Well, these use Bitcoin as their main currency and, above all, they give you every day a little free cryptocurrency to spend on advertising.

How to get free Bitcoins for your ads?

After creating an account in the ad networks mentioned above, look for the section called faucet. There you can claim your Bitcoins once a day.

Mellowads faucet
Mellowads faucet.

In addition, there are several faucets that belong to Mellowads. There you can also earn a bit of Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dash or Dogecoins and transfer them to your Mellowads account. These faucets do not pay that much, but you can claim your cryptocurrency every 5 minutes.

To use these faucets, the first thing you need to do is sign up for a free Coinpot account. All the cryptocurrencies that you claim through the faucets will be deposited there (and you can transfer them to your Mellowads account from there). When done, you can claim your cryptocurrencies every 5 minutes in the following faucets: Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dogecoin, Moon Litecoin, Bonus Bitcoin, Bit Fun, Moon BCH and Moon Dash.

Coinpot dashboard
Coinpot dashboard.

How to use the Bitcoins to drive traffic to your blog?

Create a campaign in the ad networks mentioned above. You can choose between a text ad or a banner. Pay the campaign with your earnings from the faucets.

In my experience, these ad networks are able to attract a lot of traffic for very little money. Therefore, the campaigns have a good potential to be profitable.

A little trick

When finishes a Mellowads campaign, you will receive an email with a coupon. You can use it to get 10% more impressions in the following campaign. For this reason, it is a good idea to create the first campaign with the minimum budget and invest more later, when you have the coupon.

How to monetize the traffic?

Basically, you have these options:

  • Promote an article on your blog that earns you the most money. For example, a review of a product. When recommending the product, use an affiliate link. Thus you will earn a commission for each new client.
  • Drive traffic to a landing page where the visitors can sign up for your newsletter. Then use the strategies I am talking about in the article How to use email marketing to grow your blog.
  • Almost all faucets offer an affiliate program. If you create a list of the best ones on your blog, link to them using your affiliate link and promote the list, you will earn a commission every time some of your visitors claims his Bitcoins. It is not much money, however, this income can become passive. In addition, it is much easier to convince your visitors to claim free cryptocurrencies than to sell them a product.

Alternatives outside the Bitcoin world

Is it also possible to advertise for free in traditional advertising networks?

If you are subscribed to the MoneyToplist Academy, in the 9th class you have a list of ad networks that offer coupons for new advertisers. Thanks to these coupons you can get advertising for free that would cost you, under normal conditions, hundreds of dollars.

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