14 profitable ways to promote affiliate programs

14 profitable ways to promote affiliate programs

Is this the first time you hear about affiliate programs? In this case, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this form of blog monetization before continuing to read.

Otherwise, it is time to learn how to employ the most profitable ways to promote affiliate programs.

1. Banners

Promoting affiliate programs with banners is the first thing most bloggers try. What does it consist of?

You simply use the HTML code provided by the advertiser to display his banners on your blog. In order for you to earn a commission, your visitors have to click on it and make a purchase on the advertiser’s website.

Advantages and disadvantages: On the one hand, there is nothing simpler than inserting the banners in your blog. On the other hand, all the ways to promote the affiliate programs that we are going to talk about later are much more profitable.

2. Interviews

Readers love interviews. Therefore, they represent a perfect place to place your affiliate links.

Who should you interview?

  • Advertisers: They have very good motivation to help you promote their products. Ask them to tell you some story related to their products that may interest your readers.
  • Users of the promoted products: Ask them about their experiences with the product, their opinion about its quality, price, etc. You can achieve an interview quickly if you ask another blogger. Imagine that someone gives you the opportunity to present yourself as an expert this way. That would be very good publicity for you, in addition, it is very likely that you get a link to your blog from the post with the interview. You would not refuse an offer like this, right?

3. FAQ – frequently asked questions

Create an extensive list of questions and answers related to the topics you write about on your blog. It is a perfect way to solve problems of your readers and mention products needed to resolve them. Naturally, using your affiliate link.

To find good questions, visit discussion forums or read comments on your or other blogs. You can also search social networks to discover the problems that your target audience has.

4. Guides

Making money writing guides explaining how to do something or how to achieve some goal is a very popular strategy.

The procedure is very similar to the preparation of the frequently asked questions. You must find a problem that your target audience has. Then write a guide about a solution. Use your affiliate link to recommend quality products needed to solve the problem.

5. Reviews

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. The question that many people ask before purchasing a product. The reviews represent one of the best ways to resolve these doubts.

If you have personal experience with a product that may be useful to your visitors, do not hesitate to write a detailed review. Use your affiliate link not only to link to the main product page, but also to the internal pages with supplementary information. People tend to visit these links, therefore, you will get more clicks.

6. Product comparisons

Product comparisons are among the best ways to help your readers make the final purchase decision.

Use comparison tables to compare everything comparable, e.g. the prices or the warranty time. Non-comparable factors (such as what impression gives you the design of the product) summarize at the end of the comparison.

And as always, use your affiliate links to direct users to the sites where they can purchase the products.

7. Rankings

What is the cheapest mobile phone on the market? Which has more memory? Which camera has a higher resolution? Product rankings help consumers answer questions like these.

Making money by creating various rankings in your blog will be very profitable if you write about niches in which there are many products that can be evaluated objectively.

8. New trends

Are there any new products on the market that might interest your readers? Then write about them.

Do you know what represents the greatest advantage for those who write about new trends? As it is something new, there is not so much competition on Google. Ranking well from the first moment is a good way to decent income.

For example, do you remember the popularity of Pokémon GO? Some of the bloggers who started writing on the subject since the first days after the launch of this game have made a fortune.

9. Personal challenge

Have you set out to learn a new sport, lose weight, change your lifestyle or learn something new? It is a challenge and the readers love them. Especially if they do not have to do anything but read about them on their sofas 🙂

If you have a personal challenge, your experience described in your blog will be worth much more than other people’s articles. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity for a series of entries in which you can mention all the products that have helped you during the challenge. Of course, using your affiliate link.

10. Infographics

Internet users do not usually read, but scan the text. One of the biggest advantages of the infographics is the possibility of scanning them much faster than the articles. So how can you take advantage of it to earn more money?

Create an infographic that has some relation with the product that you want to promote with your affiliate link. For example, if you want to promote vitamin supplements, create an infographic about the benefits of vitamins. Post it on your blog and put your affiliate link below. Add a short paragraph to motivate your readers to buy the vitamin supplements. If you do it well, you will see very good results.

11. Product testing

Does the ad say the phone resists a fall from a third floor? Try it and write a post about it.

Well, not all product testing is so exciting. Anyway, it is a very attractive way to highlight the qualities of the product and incorporate your affiliate links.

12. Videos

Create videos related to the products you want to promote. Insert them in your blog and put your affiliate link below.

In the videos you can combine almost all the strategies explained in this article – reviews, comparisons, personal challenges… Do not forget to use call to action – give the viewers a good reason to click on your affiliate link.

13. Case studies

Creating case studies is not just a way to attract targeted traffic to your blog. It is also a good opportunity to show the benefits of the products you want to promote through your affiliate links. If they are really good and you are able to prove it by posting a case study, you will see a lot of sales.

14. Discounts

Ask your affiliate manager if he can offer you a discount coupon for your readers. A discount is often the decisive impetus for a large proportion of consumers.

According to data published by Invesp, 59% of Internet users are looking for discounts before buying the product. In addition, 22% of consumers buy products from their favorite brands only if they can get a discount coupon.

As you can see, offering discounts to your visitors translates into more sales through your affiliate link and more commissions for you.

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