What you should know to get a guest post on a well-known blog

What you should know to get a guest post on a well-known blog

The more readers your blog has, the more money you earn. To achieve it I going to show you a strategy that is gaining great popularity. It consists of promoting your blog by writing guest posts.

How to attract traffic to your blog with guest posts?

Let’s see how to use this strategy to increase the traffic of your blog:

  • You will write a guest post for a known blog.
  • In the first paragraph you will introduce yourself to the readers. This presentation will include a link to your blog.
  • Thanks to this link visitors will come to your blog.
  • In addition, the link will help you rank better on Google.

So when using this marketing strategy you are creating two traffic sources at a time.

What to do to get your article accepted by well-known bloggers

As you can see, a guest post on an established blog can help you attract many new readers. But first you have to convince the blog owner to give you the opportunity to write the article for him.

Well, here are a couple of tips to increase your chances of being accepted as a guest author.

How to propose a guest post

You have two options to make your proposal:

  • Contact the blog owner first and arrange the details of the article in advance.
  • Write the guest post and send it to the owner of the blog. If he rejects it, you always have the option to offer it to another blogger or publish it yourself.

Present your previous work

If you have chosen the first option how to submit your proposal (arrange the details of the article in advance), I recommend you present your previous work. You can send some examples of articles written by you or a couple of links to the best entries on your blog.

This way the blogger will know what your writing style is and also will have a better idea of ​​what he can expect from you.

Focus on blogs for which you do not represent direct competition

I will explain this tip with an example. Let’s say you are a lawyer. Instead of offering you as a guest author to other law-centered blogs, try out some designated for internet marketers.

I am almost certain that an internet marketer is not able to write so well as a lawyer on topics such as the use of photographs, laws relating to cookies, personal data protection, etc.

And most importantly – as an attorney and an internet marketer do not compete for the same target audience, the odds of being accepted as a guest author increase dramatically.

Look for the guest author guidelines

Before contacting the blogger, see if he has published the guest author guidelines. In this document you will discover what his expectations are. For example:

  • The minimum number of words.
  • The maximum number of links to your blog.
  • The policy of linking to other websites.
  • The policy of using images.

Show that you are not a spammer

There are many people using this strategy without worrying if their posts have any value for the readers of the blog on which they want to publish them. They simply send the same article to thousands of people in the hope that some will publish it. Therefore, it is good practice to demonstrate from the first moment that this is not your case.

How can you do it?

  • Find the name of the blogger you are addressing. When contacting him, call him by his name.
  • If you send him an article already written, link in the text to some of his posts that are relevant to the subject. This will show him that you have carefully examined his blog.
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