How to legally make money with third party videos

How to legally make money with third party videos

Have you ever thought about making money with videos, but do not have enough knowledge and/or equipment to create them at a professional level? Then you might be interested in the method of third-party videos monetization that I will explain in this post.

Is it not illegal to use videos created by others?

The short answer is that normally yes, however, in this case you will be able to use them 100% legally.

To give you a more detailed answer, you must take into account what the copyright laws say. If you create a video, no one else has the right to use it on his website. In the same way, you can not use other people’s videos.

However, there is one exception – when the author agrees with this. Then he can upload his videos to some of the online video platforms that allows anyone to embed these videos on their website. For example, to YouTube.

Dailymotion – a good YouTube alternative

DailymotionWhile YouTube allows you to insert any video into your blog for free, Dailymotion goes even further. Not only that they let you use their videos in your blog, but they even will pay you for that.

Maybe now you will wonder how it is possible. Well, I think you have seen some videos on YouTube, Dailymotion or another online video platform. Have you noticed that from time to time appear ads? Thanks to them, online video platforms make money.

Normally, a portion of their income goes to the video’s author. But in case of Dailymotion, the income is shared between the author and the person who has shown the video on his blog.

How much will you earn?

It all depends on your traffic. The more visitors your blog has, the more videos they will see. The more videos they will see, the more money you will make.

If you want to learn how to generate more traffic to your blog, I recommend you sign up for the MoneyToplist Academy. This is a free course where you will learn a lot of strategies to increase the number of your visits.

3 ways to make money with Dailymotion

After creating a user account on Dailymotion, you can earn money in 3 ways:

  • Creating videos: The traditional way. You can create videos, upload them and earn money whenever someone sees them.
  • Inserting third-party videos on your blog: Search for videos related to the topic of your blog on Dailymotion. When you find some that you like, insert them in your articles.
  • Using the Dailymotion widget: Embed in your blog a widget that will automatically display the recommended videos.

How to insert a Dailymotion video in WordPress?

To add a specific video to your blog you do not need to install any plugin. Simply paste the URL of the video in the place where you want it to appear.. Be careful not to leave any space in front of or behind the URL.

Well, now you know everything you need to be able to monetize your blog with this strategy. Good luck!

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