Is it difficult to create a new post in WordPress?

Is it difficult to create a new post in WordPress?

If you are like me and prefer clear answers without beating about the bush, here is one: It is almost the same as creating a document in programs like Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer. We could also say that it is almost as easy as posting a message on Facebook.

Now I will show you how to do it, step by step.

Enter the control panel of your blog

New articles are created in the WordPress control panel. You will find it at the wp-admin folder. In other words, point your browser to and log in.

WordPress login.

Click on Posts -> Add new

In the left side menu click the Posts option and then Add new.

Add new post in WordPress.

On the following page you must fill in:

  • The title of your article.
  • The content of your article.
  • Category (under the form containing the list of categories you will find the option to add new ones).

Title and content of the entry.

Choose the article category.

Now you can use the Publish button to make your article visible to your visitors or just save it as a draft.

Publish the entry.

How to use the visual editor to give an attractive format to your articles

The editor has two tabs:

  • Visual: Here you can create your post in the same way you create documents in programs such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer. In other words, you do not need knowledge of HTML code.
  • HTML: This tab allows you to edit the HTML code of your entry. You will probably never need it.

In the visual mode, there are several icons available. They allow you to align the text, create lists, add links, use bold or italic, etc. Experiment with them for a while and you will see that you will immediately understand how they work.


In this video I will show you step by step how easy it is to create an entry in WordPress.

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