How to change your WordPress theme (for free)

How to change your WordPress theme (for free)

If you followed my recommendations on how to create your blog with WordPress, you already have access to thousands of free templates. These designs for your blog, in WordPress called themes, you can install and change easily and quickly.

What does WordPress look like after the installation?

On the following screenshot you can see the look of a blog created with WordPress immediately after the installation:

Wordpress default theme after installation

Now, let’s find a little more professional looking theme and install it. What will be the steps?

1. Enter the control panel of your blog

WordPress login.

You will find the control panel of your blog in the wp-admin folder. That is, type into your browser’s address bar and log in.

2. Continue to the themes section

Wordpress - appearance themes

In the left part of the control panel of your WordPress, click on the option Appearance and then Themes.

3. Click the Add New button

Wordpress - themes section

Now you can see a page with all the themes that you have installed. But our goal is to install a new template, so let’s click the Add New button. This button is located at the top of the page.

4. Themes available for installation will appear

Wordpress - add theme

At the time of making this screenshot, there were 4,416 free themes to choose from. In the top menu, you can choose between the featured, popular and latest templates. If you have added some themes to your favorites in the official WordPress website, you will find them here too.

Wordpress - add theme feature filter

Pay attention to the Feature Filter tool. If you already have an idea about the design, with that filter you will find it faster.

5. Choose a theme

Wordpress - install theme

Hover over the theme you want to install. Two new buttons with which you can display the template preview and install it will appear.

6. Install the theme

Wordpress - installing theme

Click on the Install button. After doing this, you will see how the theme is being installed.

7. Activate the theme

Wordpress - activate theme

Wordpress - activate theme

After installing the theme, it will appear among the other designs you already have installed. Move the mouse over it and a new button to activate the template will appear. Click on it.

8. Customize the theme

Wordpress - new theme activated

The newly installed theme will appear first. Now, you can adjust it as you want.

Wordpress - new theme

Look at the homepage of your blog. You will see that it already uses the new design.

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