How bloggers like you make money by issuing press releases

How bloggers like you make money by issuing press releases

Let me guess – you have always believed that press releases were just for big companies, famous sportsmen or politicians. Am I correct? Then you will find useful this post in which I will show you how bloggers like you use the press releases to make money.

2 strategies to make money with press releases

To begin with, let’s remember the essential formula: More traffic = more revenue from advertising on your blog, commissions from affiliate programs, sales of your own products, etc. Naturally, I mean quality traffic, interested in the content of your blog.

This is exactly what you can achieve thanks to the press releases. Let’s see how.

Direct form – generating qualified traffic

One of the “tricks” that bloggers do to get more visitors is to include in the press release a link to their blog. Whenever it appears in an online newspaper, you will get traffic.

For this strategy to work, it is important that you link to the content of your blog that complements the information transmitted by the press release. For example, you can send your subscribers a survey, issue a press release summarizing the results and link a post with detailed statistics.

If you do so, journalists will more likely use the link in their articles.

Indirect way – improving the position of your blog in search engines

The links to your blog from the press releases in some cases (always when the link is not nofollow) will positively influence the position of your blog in search engines. Therefore, issuing press releases will increase traffic from Google and other search engines.

To achieve this effect, look for press release distribution sites. The more, the better. Many of them are free. Send your press release to every single PR distribution site you can. Even if no journalist would use it to write an article, you would get a link to your blog from each of the press release distribution sites. And if it attracts the attention of the journalists, even better.

In addition to these benefits, publishing press releases will help you strengthen your personal brand.

Where to send your press releases?

I have already mentioned the PR distribution sites. Journalists have access to their databases and when they find an interesting information they use it to write an article.

Another option is to contact the newspapers directly. In your case, I recommend focusing on digital newspapers. This way you will get links to your blog and thanks to them you will increase traffic (and your income).

When to issue a press release?

Well, whenever you have something interesting to say. For example:

  • Announce the launch of your blog.
  • Create a survey and publish the results.
  • Do some experiment related to your niche and present the results.
  • Announce the launch of your product or service.
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