The best niches for residual income lovers

The best niches for residual income lovers.

Do you have doubts about the best niche for your future blog? In addition to the factors which I explained in the article The essentials: You will never earn stable income without knowing this, there is another aspect to consider. It is the type of commissions that offer the affiliate programs suitables for the niche.

Types of commissions

Before choosing a niche for your new blog, consider the following facts:

  • One-time commissions are the most common. For each visitor who clicks on your affiliate link and buys the advertiser’s product, you will get a commission. On the one hand, they pay you only once, on the other, the commission rates can be quite generous.
  • Recurring commissions are usually smaller, but you receive them every time the customer pays his monthly or annual bill. By finding a quality product for which your visitors will be willing to pay for the long term, you will achieve fairly stable income.

I do not know any rule that would say which of these options is the better one. Personally, I am a big fan of the recurring commissions because they offer me more stability and financial freedom. However, I believe the choice depends mostly on your personal preferences.

What niche should you choose if you prefer recurring commissions?

No one will pay you residual commissions for selling tractors. You must promote:

  • Services which charge the clients a monthly or an annual fee. These can give you a percentage of each bill paid by the customer.
  • Products that customers buy regularly. Some eshops will pay you for all future customer’s purchases. Sounds good recommend once an eshop to your visitors and being paid for years, right?

In all niches predominate affiliate programs offering one-time commissions. However, there are niches in which you can find more likely affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

Let’s have a look at them.


People buy many health-related products regularly. For example, I take my favorite vitamins daily for over 15 years. If I had been recommended by an affiliate, I would have made a lot of money during this time.


Make-up, moisturizers or hair loss remedies are typical examples of the products we usually buy over and over again. Therefore, this niche represents another opportunity to find affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

Scripts and Software

There are programs for computers and PHP scripts whose license can be acquired only through monthly or annual payments. As a result, some software providers pay their affiliates residual commissions.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

It’s no use working on SEO for a month and then doing nothing about it. And the customers know it. When hiring an SEO agency, they are willing to use their services for the long term.

Email marketing

Internet marketers tend to send out their newsletters through email marketing services. The more subscribers they have, the more they pay …and your monthly commissions grow.

Images Banks

Larger picture banks generally pay recurring fees only for a limited time. In most cases you will get paid for 1 – 3 years after customer’s registration. I recommend you to promote smaller picture banks. These more often pay the lifetime commissions.

Freelance marketplaces

In these marketplaces employers hire freelancers (professionals who work from home). There are two types of commissions that freelance marketplaces usually offer to their affiliates. The most common is one a percentage of the amount of money that spend the employers registered through your affiliate link. The second type of commission is calculated as a percentage of the profits of the freelancers referred by you. Both, freelancers and employers usually use these marketplaces regularly for years and you can receive the commissions during all the time.

Online games

Many online games opt for the monetization model called freemium. Users play for free, however, to achieve some advantages they have to pay. This way they can get better weapons, a more powerful army or other progress in the game. These payments are the reason why the affiliates can get recurring commissions.


Everyone has the opportunity to enter the market called Forex using a broker. The broker charges to the traders a rate (spread) for every operation. The most successful traders do more operations. That is why the affiliates who have sent them to the broker’s website through their affiliate links, enjoy very good profits.

Internet connection

Most of us need an internet connection. And we pay for it every month. This makes it possible for suppliers to pay their affiliates with a commission on each bill paid by the customer. When looking for an affiliate program in this niche, do not forget that there are not only local and national providers, but also companies offering connection via satellite.


Companies and self-employed people around the world need to keep accounting. As this service involves regular payments, affiliate programs in this niche can offer recurring commissions.

Membership websites

The owners of these websites generally know very well how to keep their customers motivated to remain members. Members gain access to exclusive content such as online courses or website templates. This type of service you will find in several niches.

The dark side of the Internet

Online casinos or adult pages also offer potential to earn residual commissions. Anyway, beware of the laws of your country. These niches are usually regulated and the laws may impose various restrictions.

2 examples of affiliate programs paying recurring commissions


MarketHealth is an affiliate network specializing in health and beauty products. It offers more than 200 products that you can promote and earn commission of all future purchases of the referred clients.


It is a service that provides internet marketers with tools to facilitate the management of their social network accounts. SocialOomph charges its customers every two weeks and you will receive a commission for these payments.

Do you know of other niches that offer the opportunity to earn recurring commissions through affiliate programs? I will be grateful if you share your knowledge by writing a comment below this article.

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